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Newstar Richie Sets [March-2022]




, i believe, but look in the fans section of the forum and you should find some screenshots of her. She's the only one wearing a zip up sweater. P.S. I'm sure you're in the gym as well! You look great. She does look good.. but.. I'm not sure how a size 4 could be chubby. I mean, she's definitely a good few pounds heavier than a size 8, but not enough to look like a fat chick. I'm a size 12 and i'm chubby too. I always tell people I'm skinny but I'm not. I'm just big. And yeah, it's a size 4 and she is skinny. The size 4 isn't skinny. The pic is of Saya Kuronuma. She is size 8, which is a plus size. A size 4 is a very small size, she has to be skinny to be size 4. If it was a size 2 she would be fat, etc. Also, in the bottom pic is not Saya Kuronuma. It's Saya Kumazaki. Kumazaki is the name of their group. She is in fact skinny, but she is very tall. If you look at her pic, the girl with Saya Kuronuma is short while the girl in the pic you posted is tall. Kuronuma and




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Newstar Richie Sets [March-2022]

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